Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

ZOOM  tooth Whitening isa safe, easy, and comfortable laser teeth-bleaching system that takes just one quick hour. Using a bleaching gel that is activated by a patented blue light, the procedure can whiten teeth up to 14 shades and effects can last for years.

Dark or discolored teeth may be the result of infections or decay, and if left unchecked could lead to more serious complications later. Decay or faulty fillings left untreated may lead to an abscess, which will require root canal therapy. This could have been avoided with early detection.

American Dental Association (ADA) advises patients to consult with a licensed dentist to determine the most appropriate whitening treatment. Close professional supervision is needed to maximize benefits and minimize adverse effects. During his career Dr Arhiri helped a lot of patients to get extraordinary results with this fast and effective system.

For optimal safety and to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment, Dr Arhiri examination is necessary. This allows him to diagnose any dental problems that may be causing your teeth to be discolored.

Contact today Dr Arhiri, a licensed dentist, for a tooth whitening appointment and for an oral examination to assess your overall oral health and to discuss what is best for you: 610.647.7611 or drarhiri@premiersmilespa.com.

Tooth whitening procedures can erase the signs of:

  • Coffee, tea, soda, and red wine stains
  • Naturally occurring yellow or dark teeth
  • Darkened teeth due to aging
  • Cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco stains

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A sparkling white smile appeals to all who see it




Natural products that our patients use to keep their teeth white


Aloe Vera tooth paste



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