Laser Detection: Stop Cavities BEFORE They Start

Premier Smiles Dental Spa makes it possible to treat your dental issues before you even know they exist!

Despite widespread use of fluoride and the most valiant oral health care efforts from patients, cavities continue to be a blight upon us. Fortunately, a new diagnostic capability with preventative measures is available, shining a significant light on tooth decay.

Laser cavity detection is a painless process using a sophisticated handheld device that can detect a cavity long before x-rays could ever identify it. Once decay can be noted on an X-ray, it is usually much deeper in reality.

How It Works
The laser measures the fluorescence of decay. Teeth do not fluoresce, but decay will. The device uses a range of numbers that tell the dentist whether it is an area that needs to be treated now or simply monitored.

Benefits of Early Detection
Early laser detection can quite literally save teeth from permanent damage, because minimally invasive conservative solutions are still available. Fillings can be up to 70% smaller, which translates into less discomfort both in your mouth and on your wallet. It’s also better for the longevity of your tooth structure.

Our laser is reported to be 90 percent effective at finding decay in the grooves of teeth, which is where 80 percent of all cavities start. Considering that dentists using traditional detection techniques actually fail to identify cavities 20 to 30 percent of the time, the laser is hailed as a technological miracle. Traditional detection methods rely on a sharp metal tool to ‘stick’ in the decaying enamel. Fluoride has made our teeth harder, but that also makes recognizing a cavity equally as hard without the use of a laser, because decay could be occurring under the hard outer layer.

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