CEREC Inlays & Onlays

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Reconstruction of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC inlays and onlays are a conservative, alternative option to traditional amalgam (metal alloy with mercury) or composite resign (acrylic) fillings for cavities or damaged teeth.

The smooth, tooth-colored, enamel-like material composed of compressed porcelain is designed and custom fabricated using 3D computer aided design (CAD) in just one visit. It looks and feels just like your natural teeth, yet it’s more durable than other fillings. It also allows you to retain more natural tooth structure, which is always in your best interest.

The types of restorative and prosthetic dentistry conducted using CEREC are:

Using a special camera, your dentist will capture an image of the damaged tooth. Once displayed on a computer screen, the restoration is designed using CAD technology right there in the dentist’s office. While you wait, the CAM automatically creates the custom, metal-free restoration. The dentist will prepare your old tooth by removing decay or old fillings and thoroughly cleaning the area. He or she will then bond the new creation to the surface of your old tooth, blending it seamlessly with your natural tooth color. After final polishing and modifications to ensure proper bite alignment, you’ll be out the door and on your way, without a second visit required.


  • One-visit convenience
  • Up to 100% of tooth’s strength
  • Durability
  • Long-term (can last 15+ yrs)
  • High-quality esthetics
  • Color-matching to blend with natural teeth
  • Made from metal-free material mimicking natural tooth enamel
  • Clinically proven and backed by more than 20 years of research

Not every situation is right for an inlay or onlay, but Dr. Arhiri at Premier Smiles Dental Spa can assess your problem and determine the best solution for you. Call 610.647.7611 or email drarhiri@premiersmilespa.com today!

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