As a rule of thumb people associate dentistry with pain, expense and inconvenience!


As a rule of thumb people associate dentistry with pain, expense and inconvenience!

That’s why they would rather invest their money in luxury cars, expensive vacations, high end technology. But isn’t the long-term value of optimal dentistry much higher that negligible long-term value of a luxury vacation, for example? The answer is definitely yes, but no one is educating the public and convincing people to take care of their teeth! Unfortunately there is no concentrated way that dentist are using to explain the benefits of ideal dentistry.

From Dr. Arhiri experience, money is not a problem…most people don’t see dentistry as a service that enhances their life. People would gladly spend $5000 on a built-in backyard barbecue grill than spend a nickel on their own grille. People have the money, they just don’t appreciate the value. If price were the major driving factor in the economy, Nordstrom, Rodeo Drive, The Magnificent Miles, Fifth Avenue wouldn’t exist. People in general value most what matters least and ignore what is most important! That’s human nature.

And no not forget, dentistry is not expensive, neglect is!

In our experience, nothing cheap is good, and nothing good is cheap. This principle applies in dentistry too! When comes about high quality dentistry, don’t consider just the price, think about the high quality care! We think your body and your health should be looked at as a good long investment. Don’t you agree? Here at Premier Smiles, we get the best training and we use the highest quality labs and materials so we can get the best results. We get all the training required by the state. And our dentist really cares about you. Once Dr Arhiri sees you, he can figure out what needs to be done, and you have our promise that we will discuss with you and won’t begin any treatment without getting your approval. To make an idea about Dr Arhiri’s dental treatments, please visit Premier Smiles before and after gallery ( in the office we have hundreds of cases that can be seen).

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